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Keith Dewhurst
Keith Dewhurst
Keith Dewhurst
Dan supporting the campaign team in Pontypridd

Vote Conservative

Why should you vote for Welsh Conservatives? Why am I representing Welsh Conservatives? Because they offer a genuine alternative.  Some of our key policies are shown below:

1 Protect the NHS budget for the next four years

2 Invest in education to give teachers, parents and governors a greater say

3 Introduce an Armed Forces’ Card to give benefits such as free bus travel and NHS priority care

4 Eliminate child poverty by 2020

5 Scrap business rates for all small businesses

6 Protect free bus passes and free prescriptions for older people

7 Protect floodplains with new ‘Blue Belts’ to prevent irresponsible development

8 Promote the Welsh language with a new Charter Mark for businesses that encourage its use

For more in depth information get in touch here